Pros and Cons of Work From Home

Just as in all spheres in life there are some likes and dislikes, plus points and minus points, advantages and disadvantages, so also with work from home jobs there are some pros and cons.

So, before deciding to take the leap, you must weigh and consider what’s in store for you. Below, we have highlighted some important points which will help your decision making process easier.


  • Freelancing provides great freedom. There are no fixed working hours or days. You can work as per your own wish.
  • You have several work opportunities and thus income too. Sky is the limit for those who know how to work on multiple projects.
  • Since these jobs are part time and on contractual basis, there is no binding of any sort.
  • There are various online sites that list work from home vacancies and one can easily join them.


  • You need to do everything yourself right from bidding on projects to doing work and filing tax.
  • There are many scammers out there looking to get work for free. Since you get paid after the work is delivered in most cases, you need to beware of fraud clients who get work done and then refuse to pay.
  • Sometimes you can have excess work while at other times, you can have little or no work.
  • At times clients are very nosy. They keep asking for changes unnecessarily.

Apply For Work From Home Jobs

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Pros and Cons of Work From Home
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