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As you must have understood by now, it was not too easy reaching this stage.

We’ll tell you why: That’s because we have a slightly stringent induction policy. Simply put, we want only the ‘really serious, persevering, and deserving’ candidates to create their profiles on our platform. This way, we facilitate the employer’s candidate-selection process resulting in quicker hiring of freelancers.

Employers are more inclined to hire freelancers on any platform when they see stars against a candidate’s profile. The more stars, the easier becomes their decision-making process to shortlist and hire worthy candidates.

You’re just on your way to collecting stars, which you can proudly display against your profile to maximize your chances of being hired by potential employers!

Getting the stars depends solely on your job capabilities and skills.

We congratulate you once again for completing the survey test. Now, go ahead and create your job profile on our platform.

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Go for it! Because you deserve it!

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