Work From Home Jobs

SEO – Search Engine Optimization

Search Engine optimization is the 2nd largest job provider on the internet freelance front with a staggering 90% of SEO agents and strategist today being freelancers. It is a huge industry and this is due to the fact that it involves marketing of websites on the internet i.e. search engines.

SEO is highly demanded by all kinds of businesses, big or small, to keep their web pages at the top of search engine results. This is because searching traffic will usually stick to result displayed on the front page of search engine making it a prime location to have your website page displayed.

The SEO industry also contributes toward the creation of a large proportion of the content development, typing and writing services mentioned at the earlier point.

Data collection, compiling and management

Data collection and management is another sector which contributes to a large number of work from home vacancies. The vacancies are mainly created by large multinational companies who require specialized staff or data management companies to handle the data streaming in and out of the companies offices.

This sector also includes collection of physical and digital data as well as management of communications and customer relations. Rather than having a special department catering to customer calls, many companies are today opting to contact BPO companies who further subcontract the projects to home based freelance agents who manage the jobs from their homes or offices.

Paperwork and data management plays an important role for every business thus making them important work from home jobs.

Work From Home Jobs
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